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Sonja Kristina
Vocals /Acoustic Guitar


Award-winning, trailblazing Rock Icon, singer Sonja Kristina, began exploring and performing aged 13 in 1960s folk clubs.   

Sonja’s father was a criminologist and puppeteer and the headmaster of a school for delinquent boys. Her mother was the daughter of the Swedish silent movie-star and theatre tragedian, Gerda Lundequist.

At 15 Sonja was studying drama whilst sharing billing with such luminaries as Sandy Denny, Al Stewart and Buffy Saint Marie.

Sonja,a barefoot hippie wild-child whose friends in the late ‘60s were radical revolutionaries, Hells Angels, writers and poets, and celebrated musicians, played Chrissie in the Original London Cast of Hair in 1968 .In 1970 Sonja Kristina became the voice of Curved Air.

Curved Air soon became renowned for their virtuosity and thrilling shows. Their albums were top 20 best sellers, as was the hit single Back Street Luv. The influential original members were electric violinist Darryl Way, electronica pioneer and guitarist/ keyboard player, Francis Monkman and drummer Florian Pilkington- Miksa. From 1970 to the present day Sonja Kristina has been the one constant member of Curved Air.

In 1973, 17 year old  Eddie Jobson (Roxy Music / UK/ Frank Zappa) replaced both Monkman and Way during the ‘Air Cut’ era. In 1974 -76  Stewart Copeland came straight from college to critical acclaim as Curved Air’s drummer. At the end of ’76 Curved Air broke up and Sonja had a ringside seat at the birth of Punk and the astronomic rise of Stewart’s band ‘The Police’, during Sonja and Stewart’s 16 year relationship.

By1989 Sonja Kristina re-invented folk rock with a fiery brand of music she dubbed Acid Folk. Curved Air’s violinist Paul Sax and Keyboard player Robert Norton toured with Sonja Kristina’s Acid Folk Band until 1996, playing Glastonbury and other festivals year after year.

Since 2000 Sonja has been working with Composer/Producer/ Cellist/Violinist Marvin Ayres , known for his unique manipulation of sound textures and audio visual installations. They have two releases as MASK. “Heavy Petal, the Tenebrous Odyssey of Jack and Virginia’ and  ‘Technopia’ .

Marvin Ayres produced the 2012 Curved Air ‘Live Atmosphere’ CD.