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George Hudson ... is a musician from Southend, Essex. His previous band Purson took him round the globe, touring extensively in Europe, Russia and the United States alongside some of the most notable names in rock music today. After the disbanding of Purson, George continued his journey playing bass for a short spell with Psych Rock troupe Flare Voyant, doing session work with Matt Linnen of X-Factor fame and more recently joining Rosalie Cunningham of Purson with her new solo endeavour.

 “As a fan of Curved Air for many years it’s an incredible honour for me to pick up the baton at this point in the bands career. I listened to these records a lot during my time with Purson and was really inspired by the amalgamation of styles and influences in the music.

I’m thrilled to be playing the material live and hope that I can bring something exciting to the table through my own playing.”